About Us

We are a small company, with a small team of young people. The COVID 19 made us decide to begin to manufacture quality clothes that at the same time are reasonably priced, comfortable and stylish. Our country has a long history of manufacturing textile clothes, we have a rich resource of people in this industry. So we choose some of the best products existing in our market place, and decided to show them to the world. They are a mix of three of the most important components in one product. Reasonable prices, quality and good stylish vision. To satisfy our customers we are not giving them just excellent quality and good price but we deliver quickly too. That's why we are working with one of the best delivery companies in the world. We know very well that the one of the most important thing of this sector is to provide a good connection between us and our customers. Our staff know the products inside and out and we maintain a 24 hour support team. Looking in the future, our goal is to satisfy every need of our customer and to start a habit of good customer service. We are developing a process ,that will reach higher levels of service to our clients.

City: Blagoevgrad
Zip code: 2700
Neighborhood: Alen Mak 1, floor 5, apartment 15.
VAT: 206582278
Registration with the National Revenue Agency: VAT: 206582278